JUPOL Thermo

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JUPOL Thermo


Do you know that uncomfortable feeling of cold when you lean against the wall? At JUB, we have developed a Thermo system that provides a feeling of warmth while also providing energy savings. The paint and the levelling compound contain special hollow fillers which reduce thermal conductivity. Such fillers have higher insulation properties, while also reducing the weight of the coat.

Advantages for the buyer:

  • The Thermo system provides savings in heating due to its insulating properties of up to 2 EUR / m2 of the façade surface per year *;
  • The system provides a feeling of warmth;
  • It reduces the chance of condensation;
  • Possible tinting of Thermo paint in pastel shades on JUMIX.



  • It contains small hollow beads which create a thermal barrier across the entire thickness of a dried paint film and surface which feels warmer and more comfortable than in case of traditional wall paints. 
  • This effect reduces the condensation probability of water vapour on the coating.
  • Suitable surfaces include fine render finishes of all types, surfaces levelled with levelling compounds.
  • We particularly recommend the use of JUBOLIN THERMO levelling compound which additionally improves the thermal insulation, feeling of warmth and savings of thermal energy. 
  • Paint film is highly water vapour permeable and resistant to dry scrubbing, sot that not overly well adhered filth can be wiped off from painted surfaces with a wet cloth.


BrushRollerSpray gunTool cleaning with waterJUMIX Tinting agents


340-450 ml/m2 for a three-coat application


Container 5 l

Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.


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  • JUMIX: bel (odtenek 1001);
  • barvna karta JUB (odtenki s končnicami 4 in 5);
  • barvna karta JUB Favourite feelings (odtenki s končnico E in F).
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