Transparent wood coat


JUBIN Lasur is a transparent wood coat. It is suitable for decorative protection of wooden construction elements and other wooden surfaces on the inside and the outside of construction buildings including: wooden roof constructions, eaves, wooden fences, wooden building and garden furniture, and similar. With more exposed surfaces apply JUBIN Lasur as the final coat in the systems protection with LASUR Impregnation.


  • Preserves visible wood texture;
  • Environmentally sound and userfriendly product;
  • It is distinguished by quick drying;
  • Without distinctive odour;
  • Harmless to heath;
  • Suitable for decorative protection of children’s toys and playground equipment;
  • UV protection against the sun;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Extremely low content of vaporous organic substances (VOS).


BrushRollerAirless spray gunTool cleaning with water


60 - 80 ml/m2 for a one-coat application

140 ml/m2 for a two-coat application


Pot 0.65 l, 2,25 l


Prior to application, read the technical and safety data sheets carefully.


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Consumption calculator

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Colour shades
  • Transparent (1), white (1001), pine (2), teak (3), nut brown (4), ebony (5), pear (6), mahogany (7), rosewood (9), oak (93);
  • The JUB JUBIN colour chart;
  • In the case of restoration painting, select slightly lighter shades so that the final appearance is not too dark.
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